About Iron Horse Fitness

Iron Horse Fitness is a private training club in Danville, California that is comprised of hand selected, highly skilled fitness professionals. Our Health and Fitness professionals work with a wide-range of clientele and draw upon their competitive experience and expertise in Medicine, Health, Fitness and Wellness to create exciting, challenging and well balanced exercise programs. Each professional shares one common goal, to provide world-class service for health and fitness of each and every one of our clients. We have built our business by consistently delivering results, helping clients make gains, set goals, and by developing and maintaining a friendly club atmosphere, while adhering to solid business practices.We continue to put our hearts and souls into the business because it is just that…Our Business!

Size of Club

We offer approximately 4500 sq. ft. of facilities in Danville. Our facility focuses on catering to both client and trainer and our goal is to provide a positive environment that fits your workout needs.


We are there for YOU! We have worked to establish a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement. You never have to feel confined, as our staff frequently shares fitness ideas and sports knowledge to raise everyone’s skill to the highest levels. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the combined knowledge of health and fitness information we can provide.


Our facility is always open. Each professional has access to open and close the gym based on their client needs. Now you don’t have to feel restricted booking your workout, simply find a personalized time that fits your needs.