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Personal Training

The heart and core of the business – working with clients to help better themselves through fitness.

Trained Professionals

This is no “Made for the Masses” gym, each trainer takes a personal pride in their work – You!


Everyone has family, and this is our dinner table.

About Us

Iron Horse Fitness doesn’t involve the conventional image of a gym.

With everyday people, training, and bettering themselves, you can feel right at home.

With trainers in specialities that can cater to any person,

gender, body type, or health issue, they are there to adapt for you.

  • Meal Planning

    Get Your Diet Back on Track. Our trainers know what to cater your diet to, and how to help your achieve your goals.

  • Personal Training

    With a gym full of certified trainers, there is a fit for anyone.

  • Equipment

    With a constantly upgraded gym full of equipment, any body shape can work out here – No Judgement.

  • Supplements

    Looking for that extra kick to your workout? Our supplies have something for everyone, and we can help you get over that plateau.

Let’s Meet Your Goals - Today!

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What others say about us


To see the changes that I have gained from coming to Iron Horse is nothing short of encouraging. My commute was super easy, the location is super cool, and my trainer is awesome! I literally ride my bicycle down the trail to the gym, park it, and I’m in work out mode. So fun, so easy, and so invigorating.


My mom and I have been coming here for about a year and a half. It has really helped me grow as a person, and train for my athletics. I really like the layout, and all of the machines you won’t necessarily find at your cookie cutter gym. People are very friendly, and open minded, and don’t have to worry about using a machine wrong, because your trainer is right there to help you. I <3 IHF [/av_testimonial_single] [av_testimonial_single src='3244' name='Tom H.' subtitle='' link='' linktext='']

I have had the privilege of working with Robert for the better part of five years. His knowledge base, tips, and training, are second to none. He has helped me drop weight, get control of what my daily intakes are, and change my body to something I am proud of.

Karen R.

My initial reactions to gym were always questionable. The big arenas of people moving around, and the overwhelming feeling I got from a gym really turned me off – Then I came to Iron Horse. The level of personal time these trainers put in is phenomenal. My whole aspect has changed, as well as my body. This really takes the nervousness out of being in a gym, because it is like hanging out with your friends for an hour a day!

Karen R.
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